About us


Aagal and Yaluuwi are both words from the Yaygirr Language group of the Clarence Valley, encompassing the coastal area from Wooli to Iluka on the North Coast of NSW. Aagal means sea/waves and Yaluuwi means coast/shore. Since the beginning, our people have connected with the land along the coast. It has given us our language, our songs, our stories, our ceremonies. The waves are our heartbeat and the shore keeps us grounded.

At Aagal Yaluuwi Creations we continue these connections. We are an Aboriginal enterprise that has a strong belief in using traditional Aboriginal values and knowledge and embedding these lessons in our everyday lives. At Aagal Yaluuwi Creations we have a strong emphasis on unity and working together, just like our ancestors did, to care for our stories, our environment, our animals, our youth and each other. We want you to walk this coastline with us and feel our heartbeat.

Our Purpose

Aagal Yaluuwi Creations began when our beautiful coast line was made. Our purpose is to empower people, improve communities, strengthen families and nurture our youth. We encourage  people to unlock their potential so that they can achieve their dreams and aspirations. 

We believe that teaching our traditional Aboriginal stories, practices, songs, dances and implementing their values will give people a better understanding of themselves, no matter what their background. 

We Learn, Inspire and Flow towards creating a more harmonious world for us all. 



At Aagal Yaluuwi Creations we pride ourselves on our values. They underpin each and everything we do.

  • Knowledge 
  • Relationships 
  • Respect
  • Sustainability 
  • Sharing
  • Responsibility
  • Love 
  • Integrity 

Michael Laurie and Michael Laurie Jnr preparing a smoking ceremony.
Michael Laurie and Michael Laurie Jnr preparing a smoking ceremony.


Available downloads for your reference 

Our Purpose (docx)


Cultural Case Planning Referral Form- 2019 (docx)